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Spanish in Argentina - Mar del Plata
The fun way to learn !


General Information

The program:
The program is designed to immerse students in a Spanish intensive learning experience and to offer them a real life exposure to the language within its cultural context. The rationale behind this course is to provide an effective encounter with the Spanish language, by means of a sound instruction, social interaction and hands-on experiences. It’s more than just Spanish lessons and more than just traveling... WE CHALLENGE YOU TO AN ADVENTURE!

Placement test:
There will be an initial test taken on the first day of classes to place the students at the right level of proficiency.

Our Spanish courses begin every Monday, all year round. If you arrive any other day of the week and there is no group class available, you may begin taking individual classes and join a group later on. The minimum period of a group course is one week. However, we recommend that you take the course for at least two weeks to be able to appreciate your improvements. The average length of the courses is four to six weeks.

Classes are in the morning from 8:30 to 12:30.
Monday through Thursday: Spanish Instruction.
Friday: Culture & Language Workshop (local traditions –cuisine, sports, politics, etc.).
Friday is devoted to supplemental workshops that will enhance what has been learnt in the classroom. The students will have opportunities to get an insight on Argentinean traditions and culture through thematic clinics. Some of them are Local Cuisine, Sports, Lifestyle, Politics, and Media.

Educational Levels: Every two weeks, the student will be awarded a one-level advancement (and corresponding certificate), unless enrolled in intensive training courses.
The levels of Spanish Instruction are as follows:
1. Initial 1-2-3
2. Intermediate 1-2-3
3. Advanced 1-2-3
Please note:
Intensive courses advance one level per week.
One-to-one courses advance levels depending on the amount of hours completed per week.

Class size:
The courses are structured so that there can be no more than five students per class. This helps accelerating the learning process and allows the teachers to have the right amount of time to monitor and assist every student.

Materials such as books, workbooks, audio, video, magazines and newspapers are included in the tuition.

The teachers:
Our teachers are experienced native speakers, academically prepared to approach each student’s case according to their previous knowledge of the language, interests, skills and goals.

Preparation for CELU Exam:
For information about the exam please visit




Standard Spanish Course:
20hs per week + class material
U$D 185 (price per week)

One to one lessons:
U$D 20 per hour

The registration fee (U$D 35) plus a 10% of the total tuition, are due a minimum of 15 days in advance to the arrival date.


Courses & Details

Per week

Standard Spanish Course:
16 hs Spanish class + 4 hs cultural workshop + class material

Intensive Spanish Course:
16 hs Spanish class + 4 hs cultural workshop + 10 hs one to one lessons + class material

One to one lessons:
Individual lessons with the teacher



Individual room U$D 180
Breakfast: ok

Individual room
Breakfast: check - Half Board: check - Full Board: check

Apart Hotel:
Double room
Breakfast: check - Half Board: check - Full Board: check

* Prices are per person, per week. Prices may vary according to season and exchange rates. Please, contact us to obtain accurate information about accommodation prices.

Important information: Mar del Plata is a tourist city. Therefore, finding accommodations during the summer (December to March) can be really hard. We recommend that you make reservations at least one month ahead of your traveling date. We’ll be glad to help you with the booking process!

Contact us TODAY at ! Our friendly staff will answer any question.

The fun way to learn !



Native teachers with university degrees.

Intensive learning designed to meet your special interests.

Multimedia tools and library.

Relaxed atmosphere, free coffee and snacks.

Tango class included (optional salsa or folklore).

Optional additional tours and trips.



Contact Info

By phone:
(54-0223) 495-4676

By e-mail:

Regular mail:
Catamarca 2576 - (7600) Mar del Plata, Bs. As., Argentina.

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